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5 questions to ask your next company

Saturday, December 18, 2010

5 questions you should ask your next lawn care company

The number 1 Question you should ask your next lawn care company is are you a legitmate business who is
a full time professional lawn care provider or is this a part time gig.
if yes i am in it full time and this how i make a living then ask more questions
if it is no its a part time thing beware and more on.( not that part time people do bad work they have other commitments.)
Question 2 are you licensed in the state you are going to do the work in and are you certified in that state which you want the work done. certiifed people have more experience and usally do a better job because they have more experience.
Question 3 do you have lilabilty insurance and can you show proof of insurance if they say yes they probalbily have it.
Question 4 are your workers trained and are they at the very least licensed to do the work. most legimate
lawn care companies do have licensed workers who are trained some large companies turn over help so fast that i sometimes ask myself if they are all licensed and trained. (again certified tech,s have more experience.)
Question 5 who will be doing the work and will i have the same person doing the work all of the time. this
question is best answered honestly by most small companies yes we will try to have the same person each time. big companies do not even want to answer the question due to high empoyee turnover.

I hope that these answers help you choose the right company to maintain your lawn.
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