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5 questions to ask your next company

Saturday, March 22, 2014

turf tips: turf tips

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Setting Expectations For Lawn Care Customers

Questions and answers
  Will my lawn stay green all the time?
 No lawns will from time to time go dormant and turn brown or yellow. Cool season grasses perform better when it is cool usually in April May and September October. W hen lawns are stressed by cold or warm weather they shut down or go dormant.
Why do I still have weeds and Crabgrass after your applications? I do not want to see any weeds.
 We do not eliminate all weeds or Crabgrass from your lawn we control them.It is not legal to over apply weed control to your lawn. Thick and healthy Lawns have less  Weeds and Crabgrass.
 Why does my lawn have brown areas in the summer?
It could be a disease, a lack of water,a Thatch problem ( water not reaching the roots ) or dog damage
   Lawns with heavy thatch should be detached or aerated.
Why does my lawn look burned in the summer?
 Lawns suffer from stress in warm weather it could be Heat stress even if your watering or it could be
 Drought stress is caused by a lack of water or not enough water to reach the roots.
Why do you tell me to mow high 2/12 to 3 inches I like my lawn cut short.
 If  you remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade you are mowing too short, mowing short promotes
shallow roots and requires more water to keep the lawn from stress.  Mowing high shades the lawn and you
can mow every 7-10 days and conserve water.
 I  hope this is helpful in answering the most frequently asked question by customers of lawn care companies.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

turf tips

Your lawn care  program is 1 part of a 3 part effort. by this i mean that we as lawn care providers are only
responsible for applying the fertilizer and the other necessary control materials to keep your lawn healthy
and relatively free of weeds insects and diseases. We also provide advice on cultural practices that help keep
your lawn healthy. They tell you how to mow properly and when to water and how much to water.

We are partners with you or your landscaping service and in some cases your sprinkler system service.
they are the 2nd part of the 3 part system .They mow and maintain your watering system or you water your self and mow your own lawn. if you or your services follow the correct cultural practices your lawn
will thrive or if the correct instructions are not practiced expect poor results from our lawn care program.

The last part of the 3 part system is the environment and weather if we have extreme heat,drought or too much rain then the lawn will suffer. Other factors may be heavy shade buried rocks that collect heat or poor soil. The lawn may experience stress and lead to decline and poor response to our program.
                                                 Things that we do not do
1 We can not control what other people do good or bad for the lawn. If people follow our instructions results are much better than when people do not follow our instructions. it,s that simple!
2 We do not and can not control weather or environmental conditions. if the weather is extreme expect some
temporary failures such as poor weed control or disease activity related to weather. poor drainage poor soil
deep shade ect. are out of our control and will limit results of a lawn programs
3 We do not give you bad advice and we can not except responsibility for other peoples failures such as poor
mowing techniques or over or under watering watering at night spreading diseases with the mower ect.
4 We do not eliminate or eradicate all pests such as weeds insects or diseases we control them. it is bad for the environment to over apply pesticides and it is illegal to do so with sever
 3 parts working together with a little help = one great looking lawn !

Saturday, December 18, 2010

5 questions you should ask your next lawn care company

The number 1 Question you should ask your next lawn care company is are you a legitmate business who is
a full time professional lawn care provider or is this a part time gig.
if yes i am in it full time and this how i make a living then ask more questions
if it is no its a part time thing beware and more on.( not that part time people do bad work they have other commitments.)
Question 2 are you licensed in the state you are going to do the work in and are you certified in that state which you want the work done. certiifed people have more experience and usally do a better job because they have more experience.
Question 3 do you have lilabilty insurance and can you show proof of insurance if they say yes they probalbily have it.
Question 4 are your workers trained and are they at the very least licensed to do the work. most legimate
lawn care companies do have licensed workers who are trained some large companies turn over help so fast that i sometimes ask myself if they are all licensed and trained. (again certified tech,s have more experience.)
Question 5 who will be doing the work and will i have the same person doing the work all of the time. this
question is best answered honestly by most small companies yes we will try to have the same person each time. big companies do not even want to answer the question due to high empoyee turnover.

I hope that these answers help you choose the right company to maintain your lawn.
you can contact us at hunter140@verizon.net or visit us at http://www.coastalcarelc.com/