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5 questions to ask your next company

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Setting Expectations For Lawn Care Customers

Questions and answers
  Will my lawn stay green all the time?
 No lawns will from time to time go dormant and turn brown or yellow. Cool season grasses perform better when it is cool usually in April May and September October. W hen lawns are stressed by cold or warm weather they shut down or go dormant.
Why do I still have weeds and Crabgrass after your applications? I do not want to see any weeds.
 We do not eliminate all weeds or Crabgrass from your lawn we control them.It is not legal to over apply weed control to your lawn. Thick and healthy Lawns have less  Weeds and Crabgrass.
 Why does my lawn have brown areas in the summer?
It could be a disease, a lack of water,a Thatch problem ( water not reaching the roots ) or dog damage
   Lawns with heavy thatch should be detached or aerated.
Why does my lawn look burned in the summer?
 Lawns suffer from stress in warm weather it could be Heat stress even if your watering or it could be
 Drought stress is caused by a lack of water or not enough water to reach the roots.
Why do you tell me to mow high 2/12 to 3 inches I like my lawn cut short.
 If  you remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade you are mowing too short, mowing short promotes
shallow roots and requires more water to keep the lawn from stress.  Mowing high shades the lawn and you
can mow every 7-10 days and conserve water.
 I  hope this is helpful in answering the most frequently asked question by customers of lawn care companies.
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